About Me


My name is Christian and I am a 17 year-old Singaporean Korean Formula 4 race driver. I am currently racing with Campos Racing for the season of 2024 Eurocup-3 Championship. I hope to do well and proceed up to the next level of racing next year. I am also studying in the UK.


Campos Racing is a Spanish motor racing team, founded by former Formula One driver, Adrian Campos since 1997. Our team has been successful in Formula Three and the GP2 Series. I am proud to have been selected to compete in the F4 Spanish Championship this year with this professional and dedicated team.

I am also under the management of Purple Agency lead by Morgan Caron, who has over 30years of experience in Motorsports and even managed F1 driver, Charles Leclerc. 

My Achievements

2 Podiums for F4 Spanish Championship Round 2, ARAGON

  • P2 for race 1 (finished P1 but 2s penalty)
  • P1 for race 2

2 Podiums for F4 Spanish Championship Round 1, SPA

  • P2 for race 1
  • P3 for race 3

2018 Moved to Italy to study and race